Bas Nijholt


Research interests

In my academic adventure, I started as an experimental physicist in biophysics, however, after I completed my master thesis with Anton Akhmerov, I found my true passion: using (many) computers to solve complex problems that tell me (or approximate) something about our physical reality.

The world of mesoscopic physics is very interesting and has many fascinating topics that can be explored computationally. One specific topic being semiconductor-superconductor hybrid nanowire structures that can host Majorana bound states (MBS) on its edges. In my research, I investigate the effects of a magnetic field---a key requirement for the creation of the MBS---on the properties of these exotic states. Further, I look at Josephson junctions consisting of the same nanowires and study the effects of disorder in the superconductor in similar structures.

Finally, I am extremely excited about open-source software (mostly Python) and its communities around it. I care about reproducible research and believe that you should always publish the code with a paper. I like to do this using state-of-the-art tools to ensure that in years from now someone will still be able to reproduce the exact results from my works.

Contact and further information

Skype: basnijholt
Github: basnijholt
LinkedIn: basnijholt

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2016-present: PhD student in computational quantum physics, Delft University of Technology
2013-2015: M.Sc. in Applied Physics, Delft University of Technology
2009-2013: B.Sc. in Applied Physics, Delft University of Technology