Michael Wimmer


Research interests

I am a condensed matter theorist, with a main focus on what I would call consisely "hybrid nanosystems". Quantum effects in nanostructures comprised of different materials can give rise to a whole new spectrum of fascinating physics, such as topological materials, non-Abelian anyons, or may have a potential technological impact.

Quite naturally, complex structures often ask for a numerical approach, going alongside trying to find more simple toy models that capture the physical essence. I do enjoy the numerical aspects of my work, too, and also spend time on developing new algorithms and techniques.

I collaborate often with experimentalists. Specifically, I am part of the topological quantum computation roadmap in QuTech, aiming at proving the non-Abelian statistics of Majorana fermions.

Contact and further information

Website: http://www.michaelwimmer.org
Email: m.t.wimmer@tudelft.nl
Skype: mike.wimmer
Address: F340, Lorentzweg 1, 2628CJ Delft, The Netherlands
github: michaelwimmer
Google scholar: (citation metrics) Michael Wimmer


2017-present: Roadmap leader of the topological quantum computation roadmap
2015-present: QuTech team leader (tenure-track)
2013-2015: FOM project leader at TU Delft
2009-2013: Post-doc at Universiteit Leiden (with Carlo Beenakker)
2008-2009: Post-doc at University of Regensburg (with Klaus Richter)